D-Flectorshield LG G Pro Lite / Lite Dual Anti-Shock/military grade/ TPU /Premium Screen Protector / self healing / oleophobic material / EZ install / ultra high definition / scratch proof / bubble free install / precise laser cuts

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This unique material is tailored to accuracy that guarantees a scratch proof, ANTISHOCK, oleophobic with self healing properties that does its sole job to protect you electronic devices. without sacrificing the touch sensitivity of its screen. purely made of a highly A grade Thermoplastic Polyurethane that is used by the Airforce to protect jetfighters. We brought this to protect your device. what stopping you from getting a DFlectorshield today?

  • Designed and Engineered to Accurately fit your specific device specifications
  • Superior Anti-Shock Screen Protector that is tested on reasonable drops that occurs everyday
  • Tough Military Grade Film Used to Protect Aircraft Paint and Guaranteed will never Shatter Vs. today's Tempered Glass without sacrificing your Device's Touch Sensitivity.
  • High Definition Transparent Film that is Virtually Invisible and offers a Clear Glossy Surface to the screen with Superb HD Clarity
  • Optional Installation method that allows you to Install the Screen Protector WET or DRY